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Clay Brick Making Machine In India

Clay Brick Making Machine In India

How does the high temperature environment affect the clay brick making machine?

  • 1. In a high temperature environment, the temperature of the clay bricklayer itself will rise, which is prone to unpredictable abnormal conditions, such as sudden shutdown, sudden spindle breakage, etc.
  • 2. Due to the principle of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage, high temperatures can cause the components of the clay brick machine to expand, resulting in greater friction and deviation when each part is engaged, which not only affects the production schedule, but also affects the production schedule. Further increase the temperature.
  • 3. The high temperature environment will increase the temperature of the clay brick machine lubricating oil, reduce the oil performance and viscosity, damage the local oil film, reduce the lubrication effect and load bearing capacity between the parts, and worse, the carbonization of the lubricating oil and the burning of the ceramic tile.

How to cool the clay brick making machine

  • 1. Clean up oil and dust in time, do dustproof work, and ensure that the engine maintains good heat dissipation. Although some existing equipment has been upgraded with a dust-proof system, the possibility of downtime due to dust is reduced, but in summer, due to high temperature, dry air, dust problems will become more serious. For example, regularly check the fixing bolts of the cone-shaped broken dust-proof sealing ring to prevent the dust-proof seal and the slip ring from falling off, causing a large amount of dust and ore to enter the body, causing waste or significant economic loss of the clay brick machine.
  • 2. Check the cooling system, the fuel system is unobstructed, replace the aging wires, plugs, tubing, screws, and fixed fuel lines to prevent fuel leakage.
  • 3. In order to replace equipment with appropriate oil viscosity, the summer oil viscosity level is generally higher than other suitable times. Engine oils and lubricants everywhere need to be replaced and used during the summer. The amount of oil is suitable. Check for oil leaks, especially fuel, and replenish them in time.
  • 4. High temperatures in summer, increased equipment failure rate and fire incidence, each machine is equipped with 1-2 fire extinguishers to prevent accidents.
  • 5. The installation environment of indoor equipment should be set in a well-ventilated place. At the same time, pay attention to adjust the indoor temperature, as well as the ventilation and ventilation of the surrounding environment. It is best to ensure that the working environment temperature does not exceed 40 degrees to maintain a good working environment for the clay brick machine.
  • 6. For some of the core components of the device, check the temperature at any time during work. If the temperature is too high, you must stop to rest or take some measures to reduce the temperature of the parts. Because the temperature is too high, it is easy to cause the equipment to age and shorten the service life.
  • 7. In general, outdoor brick clay brick makers cannot use ambient temperature reduction methods to reduce machine usage, reduce power, reduce heat dissipation, or install shadows around or above the machine to reduce exposure to sunlight. It can also effectively reduce the temperature of the machine. degree.

Clay brick manufacturing machine operation

  • 1. Before starting the clay brick making machine, the drive wheel is forced to move one or two turns to confirm the flexibility of the operation, then start the machine; the clay brick machine must not be fed directly before the normal operation of the clay brick machine machine.
  • 2, keep the uniformity of the clay brick machine feeding, do not overdo it. Avoid using materials that cannot be driven into the machine, such as metal, wood, etc.
  • Finally, warm reminder: In the hot summer, workers work in sand and gravel sites, such as mobile clay brick machine equipment, pay more attention to safety in high temperature operation, as operators, if they faint Heat stroke can cause unimaginable problems. Safety first, pay attention to prevention of heatstroke.

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