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Second Hand Mining Equipment In South Africa

Second Hand Mining Equipment In South Africa

Used mining equipment features

Coal pulverizers, excellent solutions with high moisture content, the drawbacks of splitting and clogging, coal pulverizers may be the biggest benefit, wet days may also be standard production. Because second-hand mining equipment does not have a bottom. When the moisture content is more than 8%, the crusher will not be clogged as in the conventional case, or the motor may be burned. When it comes to coal pulverizers, it can help save investment costs in terms of particle size. Then why do you say that because of the uniformity of second-hand excavation equipment, it can be controlled below 2mm, because the traditional crusher should add sieves to screen the ideal size.

Use of used mining equipment

Secondary mining equipment is commonly used to pulverize coal gangue in coal into poor or damaged coal for everyday use. Obviously, there are more than 100 kinds of materials in the broken materials, such as broken coal gangue, shale, coal, slag, cinder, construction waste. In addition, used mining equipment mainly involves brick crushing cinders, slag, shale, coal gangue and other recyclable additives or fuels. Here in particular, the second-hand mining equipment is broken and recyclable: it may be broken coal gangue, shale, slag, cinder, slag, coal, construction waste, ore and other recyclables.

Working principle of used mining equipment

Next, from the working principle of these two second-hand mining equipment, the first-hand second-hand mining equipment work process, to determine why second-hand mining equipment is suitable for high-water content coal crusher. Double rotor, two-stage crushing are related to each other. Two sets of rotors, the pulverized fabrics produced by the rotor are rented from the lower rotor crushing chamber material to rotate rapidly again, collide with each other quickly, mutual damage, to hammer powder, powder effect, and direct discharge. Second, second-hand mining equipment is not screened, high-humidity materials, never blocked. The crusher will be obtained from the traditional raft, not adjusted to the moisture content of the raw material is more than 8%. Once the moisture is submitted more than 10%, it is easy to block, the hammer can not rotate, the fabric can not be discharged, or the motor is burned, which has a strong influence.

Benefits of used mining equipment

First: The machine style of the coal is damaged without the screen and the bottom of the grate, which may damage the high-humidity material and does not require moisture content. At the same time, the broken dry material is absolute.

The second type: two-rotor online two-stage crushing, the fabric enters the second-hand mining equipment, firstly the first rotor is damaged into the second rotor damage, because the crushing chamber is closed, the fabric interacts and impacts in the inner cavity, mutual damage The effect of the hammer, developer powder, powder material is then discharged directly from the release port.

Third: The second-hand mining equipment adopts the adjustable gap technology model. The second-hand mining equipment does not need to be replaced by the hammer. It can change the heart position, because the space between the hammer and the lining can be determined, and the granularity can ensure uniform and fine effects. The lining can also be adjusted. So under normal circumstances the hammer minds three hammers.

Fourth: Use a centralized lubrication system that can be lubricated without stopping. In addition, in order to start the hydraulics, individuals can easily start inspections and repair parts quickly and easily.

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