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Slag Crusher Manufacturer In India

Slag Crusher Manufacturer In India

India Slag Crusher Installation Points

The India Slag Crusher is required to install the India Slag Crusher frame on the foundation before assembling the India Slag Crusher, and then install the other components in order.

1. Installation Points Of India Slag Crusher Frame

When installing the India Slag Crusher frame, the vibration between the frame and the concrete should be placed, for example: hardwood, rubber, etc., the installation of the frame on the foundation or the lateral and vertical level of the wooden seat Meet the installation requirements of the device. When performing rack mounting, the horizontal and vertical levels placed on the foundation should be less than 0.2 mm.

2. Installation Points Of The India Slag Crusher Connecting Rod

After the above part is installed in place, the connecting rod can be installed. Before the connecting rod is assembled, the position of the connecting rod and the required assembly should be carefully checked. After the problem, the connecting rod is lifted without any problem, and the whole connecting rod is used with gasoline or kerosene. After cleaning, apply a layer of oil on the surface of the connecting rod to ensure lubrication. Then, the upper bearing, the main shaft, the upper bearing and the upper casing of the connecting rod are assembled, and then the connecting rod is hoisted, and the connecting rod bolt is attached to the connecting rod and tightened, for example, after the upper shell of the connecting rod and the connecting rod are padded, If the fit does not result in oil leakage, the gasket should be machined or a new gasket refitted. If conditions permit, the rod and spindle parts can be assembled externally and then transported into the rack.

3. Installation Points Of The India Slag Crusher Bracket

Loosen the tension rod spring nut, remove the spring, use a chain or wire rope to bolt the lower part of the moving part, and then pull the wire rope so that the moving jaw is close to the fixed jaw, and the bracket will automatically fall. After the old bracket is removed, the new bracket is pulled into the bracket with the wire rope so that the bracket and the bracket are in close contact, then the tie rod and the spring are attached, and the bracket is supported in the bracket and then used. The driving pulls the wire rope so that the moving jaw is close to the fixed jaw, and the rear bracket will automatically fall off. It is only necessary to reverse the above steps in the installation.

4. Installation Points Of The India Slag Crusher

The assembly of the India Slag Crusher motorized cymbal is assembled by using the pre-assembled moving parts. The movable jaw parts are assembled first, and the moving jaws, moving shafts, movable tooth plates, brackets, etc. are assembled on the ground. Once completed, the assembled components are then lifted into the frame of the India Slag Crusher using a driving or crane.

For plain bearings, the sliding bearings are first ground and placed in the frame housing to measure the deviation of the slope and concentricity. If the lubricant is applied to the bearing and journal surfaces within the allowable range, the moving jaws are placed in the bearing, and the coaxiality and inclination of the sliding bearing assembly are detected. The inclination is guaranteed to be 0.2 mm. The shaft is less than 0.06 mm, thus completing the assembly for the moving jaw.

5, The Installation Points Of The India Slag Crusher Tooth Plate

The India Slag Crusher tooth plate is a component directly used for crushing ore. Its structure is simple, but because it is often in contact with ore, the tooth plate is fast worn in the India Slag Crusher and is a part that needs to be replaced frequently. The shape of the cross-section of the tooth plate has two types: a smooth surface and a lattice type surface. Due to its large weight, it needs to be made into an easily replaceable structure.

The tooth plate is fixed by bolts or wedges. It is fixed on the front wall of the frame or on the moving cymbal, and the contact surface between the two must be straight. No warping is allowed. If there is a high point of contact, Need to be processed in a timely manner. Since the inner side of the front wall of the rack is not machined, a soft metal gasket is placed between the back of the fixed tooth plate and the front wall of the frame to ensure that the two are closely attached.

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