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Small Scale Crushing Quartz

Small Scale Crushing Quartz

Small Scale Quartz Crushing Machine Eccentric Shaft And Bearing

Small Scale Quartz Crushing Machines are widely used in mining, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries. Due to the high hardness of the crushed materials, strong vibrations will occur during the work. Therefore, the installation work in the early stage is very important. The installation of the eccentric shaft and bearing of the Small Scale Quartz Crushing Machine is the most important.

Small Scale Quartz Crushing Machine Installation Precautions

Since the Small Scale Quartz Crushing Machine is vibrating during operation, the machine should be installed on a concrete foundation. In order to reduce vibration, noise and the impact on nearby buildings, a hardwood mat is placed between the Small Scale Quartz Crushing Machine and the concrete foundation. Rubber band or other shock absorbing material.

The size of the discharge opening should be adjusted according to the required product size. When adjusting, loosen the bolt and tighten the spring. Use the top bolt to open the adjusting seat, insert or withdraw the gasket of the corresponding thickness, and then retract the lifting bolt. Adjust the seat under the action of the weight of the moving jaw, and attach it to the bracket ear seat, and press the gasket. Get together. Thereafter, adjust the spring preload to ensure that the thrust plate is in close contact with the thrust plate pad when the machine is in operation. However, the pre-pressure should not be too large, and no knocking sound can occur. Finally, the adjustment seat is locked.

Assembly Points Of Eccentric Shaft And Bearing Of Small Scale Quartz Crushing Machine

  • 1. Before the shaft and bearing assembly, the sliding bearing needs to be researched and fit, and then placed in the sliding bearing housing, and the level and coaxiality of the sliding bearing are tested by the level meter. If the measurement result meets the requirements, Install the eccentric shaft on the bearing and view the fit between the shaft and the bearing by applying red dan powder on the journal.
  • 2. Because the bearing needs to utilize the principle of thermal expansion and contraction during the assembly process, the heating process must be strictly controlled, and the suitable temperature should be selected for the bearings of different specifications and sizes. The Small Scale Quartz Crushing Machine has an outer diameter of Φ650 and an inner diameter of Φ400. It belongs to a large bearing. During heating, the heating is uneven, resulting in a decrease in assembly quality. Therefore, we choose to adjust the bearing direction by 180° to reheat the other surface to ensure bearing heating Evenly.
  • 3. During the assembly process, the diagonal striking of the bearing is required at the same time to ensure that the bearing enters the eccentric shaft in a balanced manner. In the process of the eccentric shaft entering the moving boring, we require the hammer to hit the moving cymbal and use the interaction force to mount the eccentric shaft. It is not damaged by the bearings on the eccentric shaft.
  • 4. Use the butter oiler to inject the grease into the moving boring machine, add the grease in the bearing to about 50% of its space volume, replace it every 3-6 months, and apply clean gasoline or kerosene cleaning roller when changing oil. The bearing raceway makes the bearing lubrication fully uniform, the bearing is well lubricated under heavy load and high temperature, and the service life of the Small Scale Quartz Crushing Machine bearing is prolonged.

If the surface of the plain bearing is too high, it needs to be scraped until the high point between the contact surfaces disappears. Apply a certain amount of lubricating oil between the bearing housing and the bearing to reduce shaft wear, eccentric shaft sliding and frame. The contact area between them should be not less than 80%, and the gap between them should be less than 0.07 mm.

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