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Stone Crushing Machine In China

Stone Crushing Machine In China

Abstract: Stone crushers may also generate a lot of dust when working in China. These details will show you how Chinese stone crushers convert rock into dust and its curing methods.

Stone crusher in China, turning rocks into dust

The main area of ​​the stone crusher is in China, and the rock turns into dust, including the charging port, the discharge port and the chute. When the crusher is working in China, large rocks are squeezed, impacted, squeezed, and pleated in the chute below the belt conveyor. This process produces a large amount of dust at a concentration of about 500 mg / m3 -2000 mg. / m3. Dust is generated during the process of generating dust inside the atmosphere. It is ventilated, scattered on the dust source, and introduced dust pollution. We will mainly evaluate the best way to produce dust from Chinese lithotripters.

The main reason why Chinese stone crushers turn to rocks

Since the stone crusher is not completely closed in China, work, the rock is squeezed, impacting the rock powder in the air gap and pushing out the high-speed movement, entering the escape of dust together, and immediately lifting a lot of dust. Use the feed chute to drain down (not less than partially) or drain (mostly) the dust-laden air down the feed port, leaving the feed port with a high level of dust. In addition, the SBMStone crusher was analyzed by Chinese experts, and the Chinese crusher also produced a large amount of dust during the transportation process. After the rock around the stone crusher is broken, it is broken in China using a chute with a lower feeding device. Due to the presence of a niche between the discharge port and the discharge port, the rock powder flow and the ambient air are sheared. The air is drawn into the stream, and the rock powder flow gradually spreads to ensure that the dust entrained by each other continues to fly out. Because the conveyor belt moves at a speed, the rock powder flows and impacts the surface of the tape, so the discharge port Yang is filled with sufficient dust to float. Due to the cost of stone crushers in China, in this case many buyers will not choose the waste crusher in China, but find technology on how to solve these problems.

Preventing rock crushers from turning rocks into dust in China

About the causes of dust, we have developed many measures to deal with the spread of dust.

  • 1. Damp dust and exhaust gas
  • 2. Restricted control: the dust cap seals the sealing point and produces a small amount of dust diffusion
  • 3. Eliminate potential height differences: Hopper handling equipment, covers, chutes, and other high potential gaps due to poor powder may be the main cause of splashing dust. It is necessary to reduce the space and minimize the inclination in the chute to form an optimal vacuum sealed chamber, which is advantageous for dust collection.

Learn the reasons for the dust control method and promote the stone crusher in China. Customers can live according to their own personal business conditions and adopt appropriate control strategies to reduce dust pollution, such as Chinese stone crusher operators and surrounding residents to make Better broken atmosphere.

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