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Used Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

Used Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

Used concrete mixing station brings wealth

According to the Business Daily, Nigeria has surpassed Nigeria and will become the largest producer of used concrete ingredients in sub-Saharan Africa. At the same time, Nigeria is another third largest used concrete batching plant. East Center, second only to Egypt, Saudi Arabia. By 2013, by 2012, a large number of second-hand concrete batching plants will reach 18.3 million tons, reaching 28 million tons. With the Nigerian economy improving, growing housing and infrastructure investment and policy support, it is expected that the mass production of second-hand concrete ingredients in Nigeria will reach 50 million tons in 2017. It can be said that the Nigerian second-hand concrete mixing plant is excellent for the procurement industry, and also reflects the average profit of Nigerian listed companies, Dangote Group, Lafarge, Ashaka, and North Used Concrete Mixing Plant Purchase Company (CCNN). The profitability of the growth rate is fifty. 2%, which is 36.6% higher than the listed company’s stock market earnings growth.

main station apparatus 2500T / d Used dry concrete mixing

To do your job well, you must first hone your equipment. To create a high quality used concrete mixing plant, it must have a complete set of equipment and suitable equipment. The entire second-hand concrete batching plant production line requires a large amount of equipment, including:

  • Material crushing equipment: 1. Limestone plate feeder, located inside the limestone crushing plant for limestone feed 2. Limestone crusher for crushing limestone, limestone crushing plant found in the factory, the crushing type is really a single-stage hammer crusher.
  • Material production equipment: 1. Vertical mills and ball mills are used for grinding materials. 2. Separators are used to select acceptable subdivisions. 3. Kiln bag filters are used for kiln and raw mill exhaust. Capture raw material powder 4. Kiln bag filter exhaust fan for raw material mill and kiln exhaust gas treatment system 5. Raw material grinding circulation fan, located behind the humidifier behind the preheater tower for extracting the reported preheater exhaust .
  • Clinker production equipment: 1. Storage bucket elevator for recyclable items to the warehouse 2 . Enter the kiln bucket hoist for recyclables entering the preheater 3. The grate cooler cooling fan is used for the grate cooler exhaust gas and is installed around the grate cooler 4. In the electric dust collector of the kiln, the leader of the exhaust fan behind the electric dust collector of the chiller, found in the furnace, is used to treat the remains of the kiln dregs cooler. 5. Kiln furnace electric precipitator exhaust fan, the cooler can be used for exhaust gas, and then the gas purified by the electric precipitator.
  • Used concrete mixing plant for the purchase of grinding equipment: 1. Sequential presses and ball mills are used in second-hand concrete mixing plants to purchase extrusion grinding 2 . Classifier, static grading and dispersion of rolling equipment 3. The powder system is selected and the circulation fan ventilation system is used for the classifier 4. Used concrete mixing plant is used to purchase mill bag filter for second-hand concrete mixing plant for purchasing dust emission.

Process of used concrete mixing plant

Crushing process: The used concrete mixing plant process, mostly from the destruction of raw materials, such as limestone, clay, iron ore and coal. Since limestone is the largest raw material consumption in production, the larger the particle from the ground, the greater the hardness, so the limestone crushing used in the concrete mixing station occupies a more important position for the recovery of purchased materials. The crusher enters 20 mm at the secondary and once crushed limestone.

Pre-homogenization of raw materials: Raw material homogenization Pre-homogenization technology is applied to the existence of recyclables, and the procedures for recycling technology of applied stackers are accepted to provide initial homogenization of recyclables. The combination comes from the function.

Preheating decomposition of raw materials: Preheating and raw material decomposition areas are carried out by preheater. The slurry has the ability to alleviate the combination of hot gas wells and furnaces. Gas improves contact area, heat transfer rate, high temperature exchange efficiency, and improves production efficiency. Reduce heat loss from the clinker calcining kiln system.

Used concrete mixing plants are used to purchase combustion: the raw materials in the rotary kiln are further rapidly decomposed and in many solid phase reactions, such as the production of minerals in used concrete mixing plants for purchase. The clinker burns and the temperature begins to decrease. Finally, the second-stage concrete mixing station purchases the cooler to heat the clinker to the rotary kiln cooling downstream conveyor. The storage tank and the second-hand concrete mixing station purchase machinery can withstand the temperature, while recovering the hot temperature clinker sensible heat, improving the thermal efficiency from the system and cooked Excellent material.

Used concrete mixing plant to buy grinding powder: Second-hand concrete mixing plant purchase machinery may be the manufacturing process of second-hand concrete mixing plant, or it may be the most power-consuming process. Its main function is to grind the old concrete batching plant (and gelling agent, performance adjusting material, etc.) to a suitable particle size (such as fineness, specific area) to produce a certain particle size distribution, increase its hydration area, and speed up The hydration speed meets the advantages of setting and hardening second-hand concrete mixing plants.

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