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Barite Grinding

Barite Grinding

Barite Grinding Mill bearing cooling trick

In the process of using the Barite Grinding Mill, the operation of cooling the bearing is one of the maintenance methods of the equipment. This method needs to be carried out according to different reasons. Here, several effective methods for cooling the bearing during use are summarized.

Method 1: The solution to the high temperature phenomenon caused by improper oil quantity

The lubricating oil added when the Barite Grinding Mill is used, the improper oil quantity means that the lubricating oil is either more than the specified standard or less than the specified standard. These two phenomena, no matter which one will cause the bearing to rise, The solution is to add the lubricating oil according to the regulations of the mill;

Method 2: The solution that the grease does not meet the high temperature requirements

For different types of Barite Grinding Mills, or the same Barite Grinding Mill working under different conditions, the addition of lubricants is different, and the requirements are very strict, if the type of lubricant is not properly selected, or the lubricant is contaminated The resulting deterioration phenomenon will cause a decrease in the lubricating effect. This is an important reason for the high temperature phenomenon of the bearing. The solution is to ensure that the lubricating oil does not deteriorate, and that the selected lubricating oil model meets the production requirements of the equipment;

Method 3: Solution to the high temperature phenomenon caused by insufficient cooling

When the Barite Grinding Mill is working, heat is generated by friction, so heat is dissipated. If the heat is dissipated, the cooling system cannot be separated. Therefore, for the phenomenon of insufficient cooling, it is also because of the high temperature of the bearing. At this time, the cooling system needs to be checked. Whether the pipeline is blocked, whether the oil inlet temperature and the return water temperature exceed the standard, and the chiller selection is unreasonable is also an important phenomenon that causes the cooling effect to be poor and the high temperature, so in the use of the Barite Grinding Mill, not only the selection is guaranteed. The cooler is reasonable, but also pay attention to whether the conditions in all aspects are reasonable;

Method 4, the solution to the high temperature phenomenon caused by the coupling

If the Barite Grinding Mill bearing has a high temperature phenomenon, but it is found that it is not caused by the above reasons, then it is necessary to check the coupling. For the high temperature phenomenon caused by the coupling, it is necessary to have different abnormal phenomena according to the coupling. Implement different solutions.

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