Function Of Vertical Milling Machine2015-02-04

Function Of Vertical Milling Machine

Summary:Working principle of vertical milling machine The main unit of the motor is rotated by the drive shaft of the reducer, and the turntable is driven by the positioning pin. Many ring rollers in the ring move and rotate in the pot. The lar…

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Working principle of vertical milling machine

The main unit of the motor is rotated by the drive shaft of the reducer, and the turntable is driven by the positioning pin. Many ring rollers in the ring move and rotate in the pot. The large material in the crusher is turned into small particles to the storage bin through the elevator. The electromagnetic vibrating feeder distributes the material evenly in the center of the grinding wheel. The circumferential material is wound around the circumference under the action of centrifugal pressure, and then falls into the inner ring of the ring as rubber. The reason for the ring rubber stamping ring roller, the vertical milling machine, the cause of the vertical milling machine and the crushing, the material of the lower layer crushing granular structure is integrated, and then drops into the second layer from the reason of the selection of the vertical milling machine, then the vertical milling machine powder to the first The reason for the three layers is to have an ideal granularity requirement. The suction function of the high-pressure centrifugal fan is to send the outdoor suction fan and the third layer of pulverized powder to the classifier. The flow rate of the classifier caused by the internal rotation of the 蚯蚓 gear 在 is important in the coarse granule material. For vertical milling machines, the addition of fine powder to the cyclone powder as well as the discharge to the lower part of the discharge valve may be the end result. After the fan and muffler clean the pulse dust collector, there is a little bit of fine dust in the air.

Reason for using a vertical milling machine

The reason for the vertical milling machine, also known as the ultra-fine reason for the vertical milling machine, we have accumulated many years of production experience, absorbed the advanced mechanical manufacturing technology of Sweden, and developed a brand new after a period of experimentation and expert improvement. Ultrafine powder (325-2500 mesh) processing equipment. Feeding particle size 10-20 mm, production capacity 4 to 12 tons / hour, its high stability, widely used in coatings, paper, paint, rubber, plastics, packaging, cosmetics, chemicals and other industries. The micro-pulverizer for elastic materials can handle the Mohs hardness of flammable and explosive materials of brittle materials very well.

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