Grinding Limestone Production Line2015-02-04

Grinding Limestone Production Line

Summary:Grinding limestone production line The grinding limestone production line is mainly composed of crushed homogenization, raw material preparation, homogenization of raw materials, preheating decomposition, burning of limestone production l…

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Grinding limestone production line

The grinding limestone production line is mainly composed of crushed homogenization, raw material preparation, homogenization of raw materials, preheating decomposition, burning of limestone production line, and composition of Liutong cement grinding.

Fracture and homogenization

In cement plants, most of the pulverized materials, such as limestone, clay, iron ore and coal, are one of the largest raw materials. The higher the particle size after cement limestone mining, the higher the hardness, so the limestone The limestone crushing of the production line occupies an important position. The recyclables are homogenized in advance. At the maintenance site, recyclable materials are used when stacking materials, and science is used to provide initial homogenization of raw materials to achieve the purpose and uniformity of the raw material yard and warehouse.

raw material preparation

Grinding limestone production line, while Portland cement grinding produces at least 3 materials per ton (including various recyclables, fuels, clinker, gypsum and mixture). Statistically, the dry grinding limestone production line has to be consumed. Electricity accounts for about 60%, all of the above strengths, including raw material grinding, coal mills account for about 3%, more than 30%, about 40%, cement grinding. Therefore, it is crucial to choose reasonable grinding equipment and process flow, optimize process parameters, operate correctly, and cost control system to ensure product quality and reduce energy consumption.

Biomass homogenization

The stability of the grinding limestone production line in the production workshop, the stable raw materials entering the wine cellar, and the clinker burning system of the raw material homogenizing system provide a check for the stability of the recycled material to the wine cellar.

Preheat decomposition.

A part of the recyclables and the decomposition from the preheater, contrary to the characteristics of the rotary kiln, shortening the size of the kiln, and obtaining the fabric accumulation conditions during the heat exchange in the furnace, and preheating the suspension under internal conditions. Based on the sludge, the high-temperature gas and cooking utensils can be fully mixed to increase the gas contact area, heat transfer rate, high-temperature exchange efficiency, increase production efficiency, and reduce the lack of heat in the clinker calcining kiln system.

Burning limestone production line

In a cyclone preheater with recyclables, preheating and precalcining carbonates, etc., after multiple solid phase reactions in a rotary kiln, the limestone production line minerals are rapidly decomposed after completion. Because the temperature from the vicinity of the raw material to the mineral eventually turns into a liquid, it dissolves in the liquid phase reaction and produces a large amount of clinker. The clinker burns and the temperature begins to decrease. Finally, through the rotary kiln grinding limestone production line cooler, the hot temperature clinker is cooled to the downstream conveyor. The storage and cement grinding can withstand the temperature, while recovering the heat of the hot temperature clinker, improving the thermal efficiency of the system and the caliber clinker.

Gray limestone production line supplier

As they said, everything was difficult in the past, and it is easy to play an essential role in the crushing of limestone in cement plants. Care must be taken when selecting crushers. Limestone crushing usually requires jaw crushers and impact crushers. The jaw crusher will be a large-scale limestone crushing of coarse crushed limestone. The impact crusher is the secondary crushing of limestone, mainly to shape limestone. If you want to know more about how the crusher works in a cement plant, please contact us!

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