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Hammer Mill Crushers

Hammer Mill Crushers

What should be paid attention to when the bearing of the Hammer Mill is inspected?

One of the effective methods for reducing the failure of the Hammer Mill is regular inspection. The meaning of this operation is to understand the use of the parts and reduce the possible failures. The problems that need to be paid attention to when each part is inspected are different. Here, I will introduce the problems that need to be paid attention to when the bearings are inspected.

The first is the quality of the bearing.

For the bearing, the quality will affect its service life. When the quality is not good, it will be easily damaged in the production, then it will affect the use of the Hammer Mill, so its quality is a key point in the inspection. Judging whether the quality is good or not is mainly to check whether the bearing is bitten or worn, check the finish of the inner and outer rings, the rolling elements, the surface of the cage, and whether there are defects such as cracks, rust, peeling, pits, and overheating discoloration. Then measure whether the bearing clearance exceeds the standard, and check whether the bushing is worn, pitted or peeled. If these conditions are met, it means that the Hammer Mill needs to be replaced with a new one;

Followed by the bearing cooperation problem

The fit of the bearing will also affect the work of the Hammer Mill. The fit mentioned here refers to the inner diameter of the bearing and the cooperation of the shaft, the outer diameter and the outer casing. If the fit is too loose, the mating surface will wear due to the relative sliding generated, thereby damaging the shaft. Or the outer casing, and the powder generated by the wear phenomenon will invade the inside of the bearing, causing the phenomenon of heat, vibration and damage of the bearing. In addition, when the bearing of the Hammer Mill is too large, the outer diameter of the outer ring becomes smaller or the inner diameter of the inner ring becomes larger. To reduce the internal clearance of the bearing, it is necessary to adjust in time for the coordination problem mentioned above;

Again, the gap problem of the bearing

If the gap of the Hammer Mill bearing is too small, the frictional friction loss of the grease in the gap will be too large and the oil quantity will decrease. These phenomena will increase the bearing temperature, but the clearance will change the dynamic characteristics of the bearing and reduce the rotor operation. Stability, so the gap of the Hammer Mill bearing needs to be set according to the type of equipment and the conditions of use;

The analysis of the problems that should be paid attention to when checking the bearings of the Hammer Mill is mainly carried out from three aspects, and introduces the importance of these three aspects as well as the contents and adjustment methods that need attention and only guarantee the various aspects of the bearing. Conditions can guarantee the smooth progress of production.

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