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Hammer Mill Machine

Summary:How to make the Hammer Mill Machine hammer "longevity" The crusher is a consumable item. Shibang Industry knows that as the hammer of the Hammer Mill Machine, it is a difficult mission every day, and it is a naked fight with all kinds o…

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How to make the Hammer Mill Machine hammer “longevity”

The crusher is a consumable item. Shibang Industry knows that as the hammer of the Hammer Mill Machine, it is a difficult mission every day, and it is a naked fight with all kinds of difficult stones. This kind of strength fights and impacts. No matter what material will be lost faster. Then, some of the usual maintenance measures need to be taken seriously. In general, good maintenance is still a lot less than buying new products.

Hammer Mill Machine is a commonly used crushing equipment widely used in mining, chemical, metallurgy, building materials, electric power and other industries. Among them, the hammer head is the main wearable part, and the quality of the hammer directly affects the crushing efficiency of the crusher.

At present, most of the domestic Hammer Mill Machine hammers are made of high manganese steel. Due to the insufficient wear resistance of the high-manganese steel, the wear resistance is poor, and the service life is short, so frequent replacement is required.

During the working period, the Hammer Mill Machine hammer is subjected to impact by materials in addition to impact, so that the working face of the hammer head will be damaged and the surface shape will be changed after repeated use for a long time. Factors affecting the life of the hammer:

1. Structural design and product quality of the hammer head

The structural design and geometry of the hammerhead have a great influence on the mechanical properties after heat treatment and the internal metallographic structure. In particular, the hammer head with a large thickness has a more prominent influence. By analyzing the fracture failure modes of hammers of different materials, it is known that the main cause of the hammer fracture is that there are different degrees of defects inside or on the surface. Due to the presence of defects, most of the hammers are broken at the beginning of use. Therefore, in the production of hammers, it is necessary to develop a reasonable casting and heat treatment process.

2. Technical parameters of Hammer Mill Machine

The technical parameters of the Hammer Mill Machine also affect the service life of the hammer, the main one being the power and speed of the rotor. They are not only related to the production capacity of the crusher, but also to the degree of impact hardening of the hammer. The hammerhead has a good degree of impact hardening and its service life is prolonged.

3. Blockiness and hardness of the broken material

The greater the material mass, the higher the toughness requirement, and the higher the material hardness, the higher the hardness requirement of the hammer material. The specific type of crusher should adopt the appropriate feed size, which will extend the service life of the hammer to a certain extent.

4. Adjustment of internal clearance of Hammer Mill Machine

The internal clearance of the Hammer Mill Machine mainly refers to the gap between the rotor body and the counterattack plate, the purlin and the hammer. The size of these gaps will be related to whether there is accumulation near the purlins and the safe door. If the stock is present and the hammer cannot press the stack off the string, the hammer will be subject to severe friction and wear. Therefore, in the process of use, it is necessary to adjust the gap of each part frequently to be within the proper range.

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