Limestone Grinding Production Line2015-02-04

Limestone Grinding Production Line

Summary:Limestone grinding production line function The limestone grinding production line is mainly used for grinding cement products and recyclables. It belongs to the grindability of various ores and other materials of metallurgical, chemica…

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Limestone grinding production line function

The limestone grinding production line is mainly used for grinding cement products and recyclables. It belongs to the grindability of various ores and other materials of metallurgical, chemical, electric power and other industrial and mining enterprises. It can be used for open-flow grinding, and it can also affect the grinding cycle process composed of the classifier. The limestone grinding line is highly adaptable to recyclable materials and can be produced continuously or from the product with greater finer and more susceptible damage than motor speed grinding. Its effective method can also be wet production or simultaneous grinding and drying operations.

Limestone grinding production line structure

The limestone grinding line is in the feed section, the discharge section, the rotating section and the drive section (reducer, small drive gear, motor, electrical control) and other major components. The hollow shaft is made of steel, the inner lining is detachable, the rotating gear is rolled and cast, and your body is inlaid with a cylinder liner for good wear resistance. The device is easy to operate and reliable. The main unit consists of a barrel mill with a wear-resistant material, a circular bearing to hold the rotating bearing, and a drive part such as a motor, drive gear, pulley, belt, etc.

Working principle of limestone grinding production line

Using a granular abrasive material to select the material in the mill feed (the hollow shaft enters the cylinder, once the limestone grinding line simplifies turning, the grinding medium acts as a result of friction due to inertia and centrifugal pressure, which brings it close to the cylinder liner The release is removed by the cylinder, just as it is introduced to a certain height, by its own gravity drop, from the position of the abrasive medium, such as the projectile of the cylinder, from the material. The material is fed uniformly by the feeding device and the hollow shaft. The first warehouse of the mill has a ladder or corrugated board with built-in steel balls of different specifications. The drum rotates to a certain height with the balls, and pressure and grinding effect are generated around the centrifugal material. The material in the first warehouse is coarsely ground. The se plate is stored by a single-layer partition into the second warehouse. The warehouse has a flat plate, and the steel ball will further grind the material. The powder and the unloading of the Bi plate complete the grinding operation

Select the best machine

According to my materials and exact methods, you can choose a dry limestone grinding line and a wet limestone grinding line. The energy-saving limestone grinding production line is equipped with self-aligning double-row centripetal spherical roller bearings with low resistance and outstanding economic benefits. The cylinder component, the initial cylinder pressurized exhaust completes a tapered cylinder, which increases the effective amount of the coffee grinder and makes the medium distribution within the tube milder. Our products are widely used in non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, non-metallic mineral processing and chemical industries, building materials for material grinding.

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