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Mica Stone Grinding Machine

Mica Stone Grinding Machine

Reasons For Wear Of The Grinding Roller Of Mica Stone Grinding Machine

The Mica Stone Grinding Machine system has processes such as crushing, grinding, powder selection, drying, material transportation, etc., and the operation is simple and efficient, and the power consumption is small, but the Mica Stone Grinding Machine of the Mica Stone Grinding Machine system has a relatively high cost. The replacement is up to several hundred thousand yuan, and the repair time is long, which seriously affects the income of the enterprise.

For the problem of wear of the grinding roller of the Mica Stone Grinding Machine, it must be paid enough attention. The staff should standardize the operation, strengthen the observation of the working parameters of the Mica Stone Grinding Machine, and prevent the problems of the roller bearing of the Mica Stone Grinding Machine, thus ensuring the whole The system runs stably. There are several reasons for the wear of the Mica Stone Grinding Machine roller:

1, Poor Bearing Quality

After grinding, the bearing with poor quality has obvious large vibration, and the feeding amount is low, which is easy to cause bearing damage. In order to reduce the interruption of the whole Mica Stone Grinding Machine system after bearing damage, it is necessary to use good quality bearings to reduce The cumbersome process affects the progress of the work.

2. The Amount Of Lubricating Oil In The Mica Stone Grinding Machine Is Insufficient.

Insufficient oiling of the lubricating oil will cause serious friction between the grinding roller and the bearing of the Mica Stone Grinding Machine, generate a large amount of heat, and cannot be dissipated in time. The lubricating effect is poor, which affects the operation of the machine and reduces its service life.

3, The Quality Of The Lubricant Is Poor

Lubricating oils must be selected in an excellent category and cost-effective to achieve certain benefits. The type of lubricating oil is poor and the lubrication effect is not good, so that a good oil film cannot be formed between the bearing and the slide. The quality of the oil is poor. When the temperature rises, the color will be black, the viscosity will decrease, and the lubrication effect will be worse. The bearing temperature is high, the service life of the bearing is seriously shortened, resulting in waste of materials, seriously affecting the progress of the entire project and reducing the profits of the enterprise.

4. Uneven Distribution Of Grinding Materials

Daily observation and recording of the grinding material, it can be found that when there are many layers of material, the work of the Mica Stone Grinding Machine grinding roller will increase, the corresponding wear will be more serious, and the material will accumulate; It is also easy to deviate from the center of the grinding disc, resulting in long-term high-load operation of the grinding roller bearing of the Mica Stone Grinding Machine, damaging the bearing.

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