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Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill

Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill

How to improve the productivity of Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mills

Many customers have such questions. One company and one company in the same company clearly buy the same Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill. Why are their equipment production capacity and production efficiency generally higher than ours? This may be a problem that many users want to know the answer to.

Shanghai Shibang vertical mill manufacturer said that it is quite normal to have different production efficiency. In fact, the internal reason is very simple. Some precautions that can improve the production efficiency of the equipment are done by others but you have not done it. Natural production efficiency Can’t compare with other people’s equipment. What aspects can affect the productivity of Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mills? Let’s take a look at it in detail.

1. Material moisture content.

If the humidity of the material is too large, the Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill will easily produce fine powder adhesion during the grinding and milling process, and even adhere to the equipment components, reducing the production efficiency of the Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill, and the finished material is also extremely in the process of transmission. It may cause blockage of equipment in the circulation air duct, analyzer, and discharge port, and the finished product output cannot meet the predetermined requirements. Therefore, it is also possible to increase the working efficiency of the Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill by appropriately reducing the moisture of the ore material in the ore grinding chamber.

2. The hardness of the material.

When the hardness of the material increases, in order to fully grind the material, the rolling pressure generated by the grinding roller on the grinding ring will increase accordingly, but at this time, the loss of the vertical grinding of the mineral powder will also increase, resulting in the production capacity of the equipment. Lower, the lower the finished product output.

3. Current.

By increasing the current, the efficiency of the Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill will naturally increase, and the tonnage of the grinding load can be roughly estimated, and then a higher power motor can be mounted. It should be noted that the current cannot exceed the rated power of the large load, otherwise it will suffer huge losses.

4. The quality of the grinding roller and the grinding ring.

Since the production principle of the Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill is to achieve the fine powder production of the material by the grinding roller to the grinding ring, the better the quality of the grinding roller and the grinding ring, the more sufficient the production of the material, if the grinding roller If the ring is severely worn after a short period of use, the material cannot be sufficiently ground, the production efficiency is low, and the production capacity is naturally lowered.

5. Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill liner.

The mineral powder vertical grinding lining is mainly used to protect the cylinder from the direct impact and friction of the grinding body and materials. Different types of linings can be used to adjust the grinding body in various positions in motion to achieve good grinding performance.

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