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Trapezium Mill

Trapezium Mill

How to identify the quality of Trapezium Mill?

Trapezium Mill, because of its simple structure and stable performance, is widely used in industry. It is a commonly used equipment in mining. The application in mining is mainly used for the production of stone powder. The fineness of processed stone powder is limited, but in the past In the industry, such processing fineness has already met the industrial production. Now the market is full of Trapezium Mills. Some suppliers may not produce such equipment but they are also very publicized, even directly from other companies. Shipment to achieve direct profitability, then how to identify the quality of Trapezium Mill has become a skill that consumers need to master.

Trapezium Mill identification method:

1. When purchasing the equipment, be sure to look at the thickness of the housing of the equipment.

Since the quality intuition of the mill depends on the thickness of the shell steel plate, some suppliers’ Trapezium Mill thickness does not reach the national standard. Such equipment can only wear out the shell in a short time, resulting in The device is not working properly. There are even some suppliers who use the hollow method. On the surface, it looks very thick. In fact, the customer has to carefully identify it in addition to the naked eye.

2, customers can take the sample test machine.

The sample test machine can avoid the above hollow problem. If it is a poor quality Trapezium Mill, it can be judged by listening to the sound of the test machine. The test machine can also see the specific conditions of the work of the equipment, especially It is to see the working structure of the inner cavity of the device to see if there is looseness or sloshing. If there is a similar phenomenon, the device is very dangerous and it is not recommended to buy.

3. The customer can be present for field visits.

The purpose of the field trip is to find out whether the supplier is producing Trapezium Mills. Some suppliers often rely on reselling equipment to make money. This is irresponsible to customers because such equipment is often used in after-sales service. Can not keep up, the supplier is not attentive to this kind of inverted equipment, often profitable to leave. There are also some suppliers who do have a complete set of Trapezium Mills in their own factories. It cannot be ruled out that they are purchased from other suppliers and have reached the goal of letting customers believe. We recommend customers to visit. Be sure to check the supplier’s production workshop for the corresponding parts, parts, mainly grinding roller rings, etc. If you do not have these parts, you can be sure that the equipment is not produced by the supplier.

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