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Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical Roller Mill

How to avoid dust leakage from Vertical Roller Mill?

Vertical Roller Mill is an important fine powder grinding processing equipment in industrial production lines, mainly used in mining, chemical, cement, construction, fly ash and other industries. In the production process, it is inevitable that dust leakage will occur in the production process. How to avoid the dust leakage of the Vertical Roller Mill?

First. How to avoid dust leakage in Vertical Roller Mill

The reason why the Vertical Roller Mill has dust leakage is mostly because the dust collector is not installed or the structure design of the Vertical Roller Mill is unreasonable. How can the Vertical Roller Mill avoid dust leakage?

1. According to the dust-producing characteristics of the Vertical Roller Mill cylinder, firstly, the two dust source points of the loading and unloading are sealed, and then the dust is extracted by the fan, and the dust-containing air is purified by the wet filter type dust collector. The wet grinding and sieving process is an effective method to reduce the sieving dust pollution. The wet sieving and sieving process should be applied as much as possible under the conditions of the production process conditions.

2. Optimize the design structure of the Vertical Roller Mill. The Vertical Roller Mill should improve its design structure, simplify the operation of grinding and screening, reduce the dust source; use large-capacity, multi-layer screen screening equipment in the screening operation to reduce the number of screening; during transportation The application of transportation equipment with good sealing performance can not only reduce material scattering and dust, but also make the equipment configuration more flexible.

3. Reduce the height difference and inclination of the unloading stream. The Vertical Roller Mill finishes the grinding of the material and reduces the flow rate of the material under the premise of ensuring smooth flow of the material, so as to reduce the flying of the dust, not only protects the environment, but also protects the health of the operator.

Second, how to choose energy-saving and environmentally friendly Vertical Roller Mill

1. The nature of Vertical Roller Mill suppliers. Vertical Roller Mill suppliers are generally divided into direct-operated Vertical Roller Mill suppliers and agent Vertical Roller Mill suppliers. It is recommended that users choose large-scale direct-source Vertical Roller Mill suppliers. Not only Vertical Roller Mill suppliers have large production scale and technology. More advanced, and the overall cost of producing Vertical Roller Mills is not high, so the price of Vertical Roller Mills is relatively low; and the agent of Vertical Roller Mill is the agent of multiple Vertical Roller Mill brands, and the main difference is to earn the difference. Therefore, the Vertical Roller Mill has a high price, so it is recommended that users choose a large direct-operated Vertical Roller Mill supplier.

2. The overall cost performance of the Vertical Roller Mill is high. Vertical Roller Mill suppliers in the market offer different prices for Vertical Roller Mills. The price of Vertical Roller Mills in economically developed regions is higher than that of Vertical Roller Mills in economic development areas. Users are advised to choose cost-effective regions in economic development areas. Vertical Roller Mill supplier. If the Vertical Roller Mill is cost-effective overall, both the quality of the Vertical Roller Mill and the production and production will be better, and the users will be more worried. Therefore, users are advised to choose a cost-effective Vertical Roller Mill.

Energy conservation and consumption reduction is a major trend in the development of mining machinery and equipment industry, as is the Vertical Roller Mill industry. For more details on energy-saving and environmentally-friendly Vertical Roller Mills, users can obtain free online customer service.

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